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After releasing three studio CDs: 'Island Fantasy,' 'Island Fantasy - Part-II', and 'Fusion' - I decided to release a 'Live, totally acoustic, Flamenco / Jazz Improvisations CD to show another side of my musical creations!

These songs were created totally 'Live,' showing my love of all forms of Latin music, especially Flamenco! I've always been inspired by the catchy melodylines and great wealth of rhythms incorporated and pure emotion that is expressed. With this combination - it always makes it interesting for the listener.

I've wanted to release a "Live" CD for a long time. I want people to feel the magic of my concert performances. I draw energy from the audience, and that in turn inspires me to give everything I have emotionally, and that makes my musical performance better!

-- Mike

Mike has been on the Official Ballot for the Grammy Awards in the years - 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 in a total of 27 categories!
Mike Smiarowski
Mike Smiarowski

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Live in New York with his quartet! Very few guitar players incorporate such a wide variety of jazz guitar styles. Mike easily moves from one style to another, like a polished studio player. His improvisations combine great technique and emotion. He doesn't just play scales. He gives his all whenever he performs!

There are 3 Volumes in Mike Smiarowski Takes Manhattan series.

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Mike Smiarowski on YouTube
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NEW: Mike Smiarowski Live 2019 - 5 Songs

NEW: Mike Smiarowski Live 2019 - 3 Songs

Live TV Performance :
Home Shopping Network (HSN) hosts Mike and his guitar

Listen to Mike explain his music and influences

Mike Smiarowski

Welcome to the magical Isle of Jábeam!

Relax, sit back and escape to a peaceful, romantic isle - to get away from it all!

I believe that most people need and want to escape from the everyday pressures of life - to try to reach that state of Love, peacefulness and tranquility - at least for a moment. I hope that my music takes you to that dimension - so that you can relax and reflect upon the beauty of nature.

Enjoy your stay!

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Mike Smiarowski